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Business Benchmarking (Assessment)

How it can work for you:

Benchmarking can help drive your profit improvement strategies.

Diagnose strengths and weaknesses compared to your industry.

Learn which of your financial measurements need the most improvement.

Create profit projection scenarios to improve your competitive position.

Train your managers to take action based on performance results.

Position your company name more favorably for financing.

Our reports will interpret and explain your industry benchmarks customized Features:

Executive Summary highlights strengths, weaknesses and key points

Industry percentile rankings shown for 20 major financial ratios

Interpretation of variances from industry norms

Bold Graphs that show comparisons

profit improvement "what if" financial capabilities

"Discussion Ideas" section that provides a springboard for action

We want to help you build profit improvement strategies and competitive financial performance in your industry:

Benchmarking and strategic planning are the best management techniques which have survived the boom of the '90's.

Benchmarking against competitors helps keep managers focused on their markets.

Benchmarking is the best way to uncover performance gaps in an organization.

Benchmarking takes the guesswork out of competitive analysis.

Benchmarking provides a yardstick for improving competitiveness.


You owe it to your business to get a complete financial picture of how your business compares to others in your industry. Find out how your company measures up to its competitors and discover those areas where you can improve your bottom line.